She Grows We Grow is a community and platform that helps connect, engage, and inspire women of color from all walks of life to grow individually and collectively.
— Cristina


Cristina Garcia is an advocate for underrepresented communities and has a 10+ year track record in the nonprofit sector working on educational campaigns, program development, and policy advocacy. Her work has been largely focused at the intersection of immigrant justice and women’s rights. She has worked with diverse communities ensuring that underrepresented voices are represented in our democracy. Cristina has spoken on issues of equal representation of women, violence against women, migration, and immigrant inclusion at the national and international levels. Cristina has conducted workshops and served on panels for events and conferences around the country. She has appeared on several media outlets. Additionally, she has been able to leverage social media towards having a broader impact around fundraising, events, and national campaigns.

For many years, Cristina dreamed of starting an initiative that focused on girls and women, highlighting and discussing unique needs and challenges of women of color that are very often missing from the world of personal development. Important issues like focusing on who we are at our core and truest self, defining our own identity as defined by ourselves and not societal or mainstream standards, and using our inner resilience and cultural capital by going inward. By defining our own identity and elevating our stories we lead with our unique voice, stay rooted, and truly own our power. She Grows We Grow is born out of a passion for women to own all of who we are unapologetically and revolutionize the way we use our power individually and collectively.

Cristina is the granddaughter of Bracero migrant workers, and the daughter of Mexican immigrants. She holds Master’s degree from the University of Chicago's School of Social Service Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Robert Morris University.

To hire Cristina for speaking engagements, to develop and tailor a workshop specifically for your event or to invite her to serve as a panelist, email at