Our identity is a colorful mosaic of our roots, our ethnicity, our cultural background, our ideologies, our traditions, our way of life and even the way we think. Our identity is everything that makes us unique and special, the good, the bad and the ugly. It is what makes you YOU and sets you apart from the rest. By leveraging our cultural identity we honor our roots, elevate our ancestors and harness the power that lies within each of us.



Some of us find our voice very early on in life. Some of us take a little longer, and yet others are still in the process of finding it. That is okay. Every woman has a very different journey and story, it is important to acknowledge this. Our voices should be heard and uplifted. We are beautiful and we all offer value, to ourselves, to our families, to our local communities and to the global community.



We all have power that comes from within us but many times we don’t own it or are too afraid to step into it. Or perhaps we haven’t come face to face with our power, and have not embraced it. We tend to think that others like the rich and famous have power, but not us. The truth is that there is power within each and every one of us. It is important to seek it out and use it to grow as an individual but also as a collective.